The Dragonguard of Travia

By decree of His Royal Majesty King Vincent Travian IV,

This public column is hereby authorized for members of the Dragonguard to make public announcements regarding internal affairs of Dragonguard. Captain Darius Serpenthelm and his assigned subordinates are to manage this manifesto column.
By decree of his majesty, King Vincent Travian IV, all able men over the age of 17, citizens of Travia, may enlist in the city guard. Upon enlistment, a suit of armor, a sword and a shield shall be provided, deducted from first wage. One free repair per month will be provided by the city smith.
Free training and rations shall be provided each day, as well as a bed in the barracks.

By decree of his majesty, a contest shall be held in two months time between the city guards. The winner will be given the grand honor of joining the Dragonguard, king's royal guard. A letter of recommendation from myself is required in order to participate.


Jonas Littlefoot and Selena Moonstone have been sentenced by his honor, Sir Melchior Terrbane, High Judge of Travia, to 3 days in the city stocks for indecent display and engaging in sexual activity in public.
Throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at the criminals, will not be prosecuted.


Long live the king!

For his royal majesty,
Lord Darius Serpenthelm, Captain of the City Watch, Commander of the Dragonguard